We focus exclusively in the lower middle market for growth-oriented investment platforms based in North America. Per the graphic below, the lower middle market has an abundance of potential target investments with EBITDA in the $3 to $15 million range. This continues to be a relatively “inefficient” part of the M&A market with lower multiples and limited intrusion from large funds. We have consistently experienced significant multiple arbitrage when applying our strategies to the appropriate business platforms.

  • fortune
  • Upper middle market~ 22,000 Companies
    Revenues between $100M and $500M
  • Lower middle market~ 360,000 Companies
    Revenues between $5M and $100M
  • Small companiesMillions of companies
    Revenues less than $5M


Bunker Hill Capital invests in smaller lower middle market companies typically with $3 to $15 million in EBITDA

Industry Sectors

Our primary emphasis in sourcing potential investment platforms is focused in three specific industry sectors.


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Specialized Business Services

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Consumer Products

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