ESG approach

Our focus is fostering sustained growth through responsible investing. 

Bunker Hill believes that effective corporate governance and a commitment to social and environmental responsibility are part of a sound investment program and that managing ESG issues can create value for portfolio companies.

Bunker Hill routinely reviews and monitors portfolio company ESG performance and ESG information is incorporated in reporting materials prepared by each portfolio investment.


Environmental, Social, and Governance Integration Process

ESG Integration is the most effective strategy to mitigate Environmental, Social, and Governance risks, and capitalize on ESG opportunities throughout the investment lifecycle. Bunker Hill’s ESG Integration process systematically, seamlessly, and explicitly includes ESG factors in our company operations, investment process and financial analyses in the following ways:

  • LOI
  • Due
  • Investment
  • Invest
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Exit


Due Diligence

  • Review and document material ESG issues in due diligence
  • Identify any ESG red flags and develop recommendations for remediating material risks, capitalizing on opportunities, and ensuring continuous improvement

Investment Committee

  • Include key ESG findings in Investment Committee materials
  • Identify and debate any red flags (significant ESG risks unable to be managed during ownership) and negative ESG externalities of target


  • Formulate strategic planning process for implementation of medium and long-term ESG recommendations and improvements (incl. KPls, if applicable)
  • Translate any short term due diligence recommendations into key initiative tracker


  • Engage with management teams to track implementation of ESG initiatives
  • Periodically re-assess ESG risk profile based on major operational changes or evolving market/consumer expectations


  • ESG progress and developments are shared periodically as part of the Firm’s strategic reporting to investors


View our ESG Policy here