We segment our investment models into one of three deal archetypes where we work with our management teams and strategic partners to build sustained long-term growth.

Scope Build-Ups

  • The core of what we do and expected to be 60-70% of our future portfolio

  • Emphasis on expanding growth through the extension of products, channels, and geographic adjacencies

  • Transitional upgrades to organizational infrastructure, go-to-market strategy, and production capacity likely

Scale Roll-Ups

  • Typical for initial platforms to have a leverageable infrastructure

  • Scale provided through add-on acquisitions of the "same or very similar assets"

  • Companies characterized by a repeatable model with a differentiated degree of customization

Secular Growth Plays

  • Companies that are part of a secular growth trend over an extended timeframe

  • Platforms with limited business cycle decline

  • Often higher priced platforms which could represent 10-20% of our future portfolio